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Australia is big on culture and staying true to most elements of its roots and constantly looking at ways to include traditional historical manners from the aboriginal society and history. Up until today, Australians from all walks of life still support aboriginal traditions and incorporate their activities and more into cultural events and stories.

With the Australian culture and history being interesting and intriguing to learn more about, you can visit any of the blogs on this list to learn more about Australian history and current cultural elements.

Crikey –

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Crikey is a reliable blog about all things Australia. It is an Australian news and commentary website and newsletter that offers unique perspectives on politics and culture and stands as one of the most discussable blogs about Australian es and culture. They cover most cultural events and fairs happening throughout Australia.

The Australian History Association –

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The Australian History Association Blog is dedicated to cultural and historical things in Australia. By visiting the blog, you will immediately notice numerous articles on current and historical matters in Australia, together with posts on the cultural happenings through history and now.

The company itself was founded in 1973 and stood as the peak national organisation of historians working in all fields of history.

Australians Together –

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This blog is one of the most trusted and reliably informative blogs that are dedicated to the Aboriginals in Australia. They provide information on everything imaginable throughout the history of Australia and how to be part of the modern culture of today, and what makes the country pure with traditional elements.

With most of these bogs, you will be able to learn about both historical and updated cultural topics about Australia. Contact us for further information.