Australian Cultural Traditions - Australian Cultural Traditions

Australia is full of tradition and culture, and as a multicultural country with a vast focus on aboriginal and indigenous traditions still being active within many celebrations, festivals, and events. The culture of Australia is centred around the enormous amount of different traditions and cultural groups that are native to Australia.

With the multicultural richness, cultural events and festivals happen year-round to celebrate different aspects of Australian tradition and culture.

Australia Day

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Australia day celebrated the finding and formation of Australia on January 26 when captain Arthur Phillips and 11 ships of British convicts arrived in New South Wales. Considered to be the national festival of Australia, it is celebrated with honour.

The day celebrates the anniversary of the first fleet that reaches the Australian shores, with most of the celebration activities taking place at the Sydney Opera House.


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Tropfest started in 1993 and has become a significant attraction for people from various cities in Australia. It’s seen as the largest film festival dedicated only to short films. Each festival screens for roughly 200 people at the Tropicana Caffe in Sydney. There are live screenings taking place for those who cannot attend.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

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With witty humour almost being engraved into the culture and being a known trademark within Australian tradition, the Melbourne International Festival comes as no surprise for tourists wanting to experience Australia’s humour. With this celebration, Melbourne transforms into the most prominent comedy venue every year during Mach and April.

Vivid Sydney

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Australia’s festival of light and music. With Vivid Sydney, the city and its streets become an outdoor adventure of art and beauty. The roads get filled with light installations, projections, sculptures, and music performances at the Sydney Opera House. The festival usually happens during May and June for almost three weeks.

Dreaming Festival

Dreaming Festival is in close distance to Brisbane and held in the town of Woodford every June. The festival usually lasts up to 3 days. It is one of the most important cultural festivals that celebrate the indigenous culture with dancing, music, food, and historical lessons that showcase the tradition.

These festivals are full of Australian spirit to celebrate traditions and culture. Tourists can experience the best local music, entertainment, cuisine, and culture with these festivals.