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Australian culture has many interesting and intriguing facts to learn about; whether you are Australian or not, there are many things you probably don’t even know about. As a blog that is dedicated only to the culture of Australia, we don’t only provide interesting historical insights and facts but also information on upcoming cultural events and news around cultural developments.

With a dedicated focus on Australian culture, you can expect to find all information needed to know about historical moments and important happenings throughout history. The culture of Australia is mostly part of Western culture, which was initially derived from Britain.

The culture is most famously influenced by the unique geography of Australia and the cultural input of Aboriginal, Torres Strait islanders, and other Australian people. With the culture of Australia comes many festivals and events to take part in and has many traditions to experience in food, activities, and entertainment.

The aboriginal people of Australia are one of the most celebrated historical factors of the country and are celebrated through many traditions and festivals. The locals are believed to have arrived as early as 60 000 years ago, with the art from the Aborigines dating back as far as 30 000 years.

We provide vital information on various cultural elements of Australia, including Literature, Theatre, Architecture, Cinema, musical Celebrations, cuisine, and even humour. We aim to help the public learn more about Australia’s culture and traditions with accurate and reliable information.

If you would like to learn more about Australian culture and traditions, visit Gumeracha Medieval Fair Blog frequently for updated and newly posted articles that educate the public about Australian culture, events, and traditions.