Joms Vikings

We are the Jomsborgarlag Sudhird Jomsvikings.  The southern levy of the global Jomsvikings brotherhood.

We are a modern viking brotherhood who believe the viking spirit of loyalty, companionship and courage is still alive today.
This is not a club it is a living history community. We aim to be historically accurate in everything we do.  We make our clothes, tools, camping equipment and buy in authentically styled weapons from blacksmiths around the world.

We regularly use our equipment for camping, hiking and fighting.  Leaving all modern cares and goods behind and living as the vikings lived 1000 years ago.

We have a keen interest in history and keep abreast of new research and finds, adapting our approach and tools as new information becomes available. 

We base our training on historic fight manuals and learning techniques taught by European fight masters.

We participate in several private and public events each year.

Join the adventure.


For more information, contact


Jeff Clarke: 0402 219 710