Medieval Village

The Gumeracha Medieval Fair Committee invites any Merchants or artisans whose trade was traditionally practiced in Medieval times to come and practice their art or craft in our Medieval Village among other enthusiastic Middle Ages craftspeople on the banks of Kenton Creek for the duration of the Medieval Fair.

This Years Medieval Village:

  • Andy the Blacksmith – Andy Hartup
  • Artisan Blacksmiths
  • Cooper – Steve Sinclair
  • Corn Dolly Crafts– Christopher Gellie
  • Chain Mail Maker – Mick Rotherham
  • Feltmaking Workshops – Jelina Haines and friends
  • Furs and Relics – Joe MacFarlane
  • Henna Artist – Vanessa Rosen
  • Instrument Maker – David Maupas
  • Leather Maker – Lazlow Rideg
  • Lyn Stephens
  • MacLadanae Highland Cattle Stud – Trevor Perry
  • Medieval Books and Cards – Joan Stratford
  • Medieval Spinners & Weavers
  • Metalspinner – Dean Markos
  • Middle Eastern food/crafts – Fatin Shabbar
  • NVG Magnaura encampment
  • NVG Ladoga encampment
  • Sticks & Staffs – Doug Storton
  • Stone & Wood Carver – Kim Bellette
  • Sven the Merchant – Sven
  • The Calligraphy Society of SA Inc. – Joan Stratford
  • Wildwood Park Sanctuary – Sally Arnold

Children’s Area

  • Children’s Costumes – Fran Paynter
  • Children’s stories and drama – Elley Hassiohs
  • Face Painting – Gumeracha Kindergym
  • Good Old Toys & Collectables – Tim Schloss
  • Maypole Dancing – Gawler Irish Dancers
  • Native Animal Network – Ann Pashley
  • Punch & Judy shows
  • Story Tellers Guild of SA


Andy the Blacksmith Gotland sheep Apothecary Stall
Timber Frames of Australia Medieval Instruments Buzz Honey Comb
Metalwork Making Shoes Calligraphy
Medieval Spinners Highland Cattle Christopher Gellie
The Australian Costumers Guild Blacksmith Oskar Pichler Days of Knights
NVG Chain mail demo


CRITERIA for Joining the Medieval Village:

You will be wearing dress of the medieval period.

You will be able to show the making or practicing of your trade with period tools where possible.

Any structure you bring in to work in and around will be built of materials that appear to be of the period your trade existed (within OHS & W requirements so that it does not constitute a hazard to you or the general public).

You will be able to offer your services to the Gumeracha Medieval Fair free of charge in return for a free site in the Medieval Village.

You will endeavour to explain your trade and answer any questions that come from the general public throughout the opening times of the Medieval Fair.

You will be able to provide the Gumeracha Medieval Fair Committee with evidence of Public Liability Insurance Cover for your activity.

You will be able to sell any of your wares to the public during the Fair with a return of 10% being paid to the Gumeracha Medieval Fair Inc. Management Committee.

We ask that you leave your site in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the Fair.

INTERESTED? Please fill out the attached form and return to:

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Living Trader / Medieval Village downloads for the 2020 fair now available on our Downloads Page