Medieval Archers

The ever-popular MEDIEVAL ARCHERS hit the mark at every event they attend. Dressed in costumes of the period, their safe, fun and skilful DEMONSTRATIONS will delight.


The DISPLAY of Middle Ages archery related items, and stories associated with them, provide an intriguing insight into this fascinating period. The accredited COACHES are able to advise and instruct on how to make, choose and shoot a range of bows enabling you to engage in this magical activity by referring you to appropriate archery clubs.


To PARTICIPATE in our MEDIEVAL ARCHERY ACTIVITIES all of the following must be observed:

  • Be a proficient archer with current A.B.A. or A.A. or 3D AAA membership OR belong to a recognised Medieval re-enactment group such as “S.C.A.” or “N.V.G.” or “Blue Company”, etc.
  • Only “Longbows”, and “Horsebows”, 60lb maximum shooting untrimmed flu, flu fletched, wooden arrows with field points are acceptable.

  • Full medieval style costume appropriate to archery must be worn.


Brian Mifsud

Mobile: 0416 148 939