Kings Horses / Joas

  The Kings Horses Equestrian Society inc is a non-profit living history group with a special focus on the the equestrian side of re-enactment. Formed in Ballarat in 2007, we are members of the Australian Living History Federation.

The arms mounted display and jousting with Sir Geoffrey the Fair and his partner and crew. They battle it out at the Quintain, the Rings, using dagger, sword and lance, and the Moors Head.

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At the end, our crowd volunteers along with our Herald, to tally up the points to see who has won. Whilst that all is happening, our riders give one more demonstration. They show what happens when a sharp lance is used at speed against a heavily padded leather covered prop, which is also wearing a mail shirt. It’s not a pretty sight, especially if the horse then tramples it!


The Kings Horses – Medieval Equestrian Society inc.



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