The Border Celts

Allegiance To None


Across history in various countries, dance as a form of ritual display is performed by local tribesmen and women to ward off any strangers who would venture across the borders into their lands. The warrior dance was devised to frighten each other off with the fiercest display.


In 1999, inspired by the ancient steps and the Pictish warriors of Scotland a contemporary dance team was created, emerged and evolved.   Along this journey our kinsmen an Ghille Mor joined as sword bearers to the clan chief and the rest…well that’s history.

Cast your minds back…to the ancient Highlands of the 1st century BC…   

…When defiant Rogues and Misfits… woad-faced warriors…

…met in the shadows of the night…in a dance like training in order for BATTLE…

Lords and Ladies…

The olde world brought into the new,
The BorderCelts & anGhille Mor













Proud members of the Scottish Association of South Australia Inc.

The Border Celts perform at various gatherings, events and festivals both locally and interstate and would dance at the opening of an envelope if required.

Inspired by the Picts, from the Highlands of old world Scotland, a race of bold men and women who were fierce wode faced warriors yet lived with great honour of all living beings and the power of nature. They drew strength from their family or clan traditions, customs and magikal rituals and in a dance like fashion in order for battle they trained to defend their homes, hearth and kin.

With a mix of ancient tap and reel dance steps, combined with styx fighting techniques plus the right contemporary modern day tune and each dance is created. Sometimes its the tune that inspires them, other times it is a simple step or combat technique that creates the base for a dance but the method is always a chorus then a set then a chorus.

The Blu Crew dance to tunes from The Chieftains The Afro Celt Sound System and by their good friends CLAYMORE

They proudly support Scottish living history in all forms.

For more Information, Contact: 
Chieftain / Dance Principal: Brigitte Winton
Mobile: 0401323878
Email: bordercelt
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