Food Merchants

We are pleased to announce that the food merchants who were at the 2017 Gumeracha Medieval Fair include:

      • Barefoot Trading
      • Bellisimo Cupcakes
      • Birdwood Wine and Cheese Centre / Coobara Wines – Mulled Wine, Cider, Mead & accompaniments
      • Crazy Chooks Catering
      • Blumberg Hotel
      • Bull Creek Bakery
      • Coffee Pot
      • Corn Queen
      • Fudge It
      • Gawler Apex Club
      • Gumeracha Community Association Sausage Sizzle
      • Gumeracha Primary School
      • India To You
      • Lobethal Bierhaus – Boutique Beer & accompaniments
      • Mistress Brown’s Pie Shoppe
      • Mt Pleasant Butcher
      • Natura’s Ice Cream
      • Sharon’s Biscuits
      • Sweet & Sour Liquorice
      • Sword & Ox Spit Roast
      • Sylvia’s Jams & Preserves
      • The Alladin Souk – With the Shabbar family
      • Thistle Meadery
      • Zoom Juice
Food and Beverage Enquiries – Please fill out the Expression of interest form below and return it to Wendy Cook by 2nd February 2018 to receive the 2018 food & beverage merchants Application form and Terms & Conditions forms.
Catering Merchant Convener: Wendy Cook
Postal Address: PO Box 415
SA 5234
  Food and Beverage downloads for the fair now available:

  • 2018 expression of interest pdf form expression of Interest pdf
  •  Please note: The Expression of interest form must be received and approved by Wendy Cook before the Application form & Terms & Conditions will be provided and accepted.

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